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I belong to the Evolution and Conservation Biology Research Group

Main collaborators

Fernando Ascensão - Centre for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes 

Conservation biologist focused on Road Ecology, searching for solutions that enable a sustainable coexistence between human development and nature. Web

Marcello D'Amico - Estación Biológica de Doñana

Conservation biologist mainly focused on Road Ecology, but also on negative and potentially positive effects of other linear infrastructures such as power lines, as well as on their synergistic effectsWeb

Rodrigo Megía-Palma - Universidad de Alcalá

Evolutionary biologist working on the relationship between lizards and their ecto- and endoparasites, in topics like the impact of parasites on sexual selection or on thermoregulatory strategiesWeb

Pablo Quiles - Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Ecologist with interest in both avian and mammal population dynamics, their conservation and the ecosystem services they provide. I am doing my PhD thesis on the effects of roads on carnivore populations in the Road Ecology LabWeb

Sara Varela - Universidad de Vigo

Spatial ecologist focused on Pleistocene mammal biogeography. Specialist in ecological niche models and R programmingWeb

Emilio Virgós - Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Ecologist with broad interests covering population, conservation and behavioural ecology. I focused my research on carnivore ecology and conservation and how they affect ecoystem servicesWeb

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